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what did I ever do to water?

Oh my. There is a creeping destruction running up my pipes. One after another, sections of plumbing are just going kaputz on me. It began with the main drain line to the city hook-up. Then, there was the day I came home and heard the sound of running water - HEAVILY running water - from *somewhere* and finally had to crawl under the house and shut off the water to the outside pipes because a joint had burst. That was the very first time I did it myself. So, in an emergency, I can get under there and, more importantly, get out again. BUT - I prefer not to.

Yesterday, mysterious water by the toilet on the floor, but not *from* the toilet. Hrmmmm. This morning, I found that the leak is from the kitchen drain, but the crack or break or whatever is between the walls and leaking out from behind the toilet. The coffee grounds were the key clue. I have no idea how the plumber will get to that spot unless he also has to crawl under the house, poor bastard.

and so...the watery drama continues...

to end on a bright note, I give you: Sunrise

Never say never

In college, at some point, we have all lived on Ramen noodles. They're cheap, easy to make and did I mention cheap? After college, I swore I'd never eat them again. I would find better things to eat and besides, I was gonna be making money in the Big World and wouldn't need to buy Ramen anymore.

HA! - said Fate. There will come a day...

and so it has. this last pay period has been tough - particularly since my utilities bill was so damn high, and I've had to revert to the Ramen as a boost to my pantry. Frankly, as a staple to my sustenantial needs. while they are not very satisfying, I do enjoy eating them with chopsticks (I like a challenge).

However, they don't travel well. I'm not sure how to utilize them as lunch at work, because I don't know how to microwave the noodles, and I don't want to waste any. so - I look to you, livejournal community:

What are your favorite (cheap) Ramen recipies and how the hell do you microwave that shit????


historical inaugural (say that 3x fast!)

Where was I during the speech? I had to duck out to the Ukrop's to get lunch for me and a co-worker. I looked at pictures from the event on the computers in the galley, but most importantly - at Noon exactly - I did a happy dance.

Hello Obama!!! Let's get to it!

New Moossa Show!

Saturday, January 24th – MOOSSA plays with Stump Hole Water at Highwater Restaurant at Toad’s Place.

MOOSSA brings its eclectic roots rock mix back to the Richmond area on Sat Jan 24 with a 9pm show at Highwater Restaurant at Toad’s Place. The 6 piece group features strong, song driven rock laced with reggae, funk and blues. A mainstay in the Richmond area over the last 7 years, the band is known for great live performances as well as a catalog of 4 CDs recorded locally at Sound of Music and Minimum Wage Studios. Moossa’s most recent release, “Route 17”, is a “…new A+ album that’s got all the elements to get your smoky jazz club party into a funky dance fix, then turn it back around into a mellow jam infused with some reggae overtones…stylistically breaking the boundaries of what you may hear from your traditional rock album.”

Kicking things off for the evening is Stump Hole Water featuring the dark, folk, down-to-earth acoustic blues of Mr. Clark Lovelady. "Stump Hole Water channels vintage Americana with great instrumentation and spirited vocals. Swapping instruments and vocal duties, the brothers Lovelady and Mr. Andy Malik weave an entertaining blend of lively tunes that evoke props to many styles and genres, but remains refreshingly original and new. The songs never take back seat, as Stump Hole Water sells each one with such enthusiasm and celebration. In an age of labels and carefully prepared descriptions, it’s a pleasure to "not" be able to pigeon-hole this band of young talent, paying homage to musical inspirations of days gone by."

Catch Moossa and opener Stump Hole Water Sat Jan 24 at Highwater at Toad’s Place. 9pm. 140 Virginia St. RVA NO Cover!

Get the CD at Plan 9 or online at cdbaby.com (www.cdbaby.com/moossa4).

You can also visit us at www.moossa.com, http://www.reverbnation.com/moossa or www.myspace.com/moossamusic

Check out our Cafe Press page, while you're out surfing: http://shop.cafepress.com/moossa


New Year's Eve Dinner

So, I had a nice, quiet New Year's Eve at home with my bestest buddy, Ashly. I cooked some dinner. Wanna hear it? Here it go:

Cornish Game Hens with roasted winter veggies and fruit:
2cornish game hens
fresh sage & thyme
kosher or sea salt
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
sweet potato
red potato
sweet onion
Preheat: 400 degrees
Cooking Time: 2 hrs

The recipeCollapse )

Merry Christmas!

Joy of Joys! I only had to work until a little after 1 pm today. All the shopping that I'm going to be able to (financially) do is DONE, and to top all the goodness off - this happened today:

just in time for Saturday. And now, I will cook. A chicken is in the oven roasting as I type. It's got celery and sweet onion in the cavity and fresh herbs shoved under the skin and copious amounts of kosher salt sprinkled over the top to make the skin crispy and good. YUM!

and Bogart (read: me) opened his present today so that I could get rid of one whole toy. I think I miscalculated.

and Frankie - they all squeak. except for the rope and the ball. they ALL squeak. heh.

Merry Christmas everybody!

me update

for those of you who aren't slaves to Facebook, like I am in danger of becoming (or have already become)I has update:

Good News: My christmas tree is up!

I love the topper arrangement I did:

Bad News: I am getting my yard dug up today so that they can replace my sewer pipe. *joy* Merry Christmas to meeeeeee!

Moossa dates are already set in January at the Highwater in Richmond, and we're working towards getting some festival gigs this summer. See you out there!

bears are popular around here

You Are A: Bear Cub!

bear cubBears are strong and independent creatures who roam in the forest in search of food. Bears are usually gentle, but anger one and be prepared for their full fury! You won't back down from a fight -- a classic attribute of bears. Intelligent and resourceful, though lazy at times, you are a fascinating creature of the wild.

You were almost a: Pony or a Lamb
You are least like a: Squirrel or a MouseWhat Cute Animal Are You?

It's a Radio Theme!

Just so excited about today, folks! Don't forget - 6 PM to 6:15 or 6:30 (if we're lucky) Moose and I will be on the air at WRIR 97.3 talking about "Route 17". Listen to the live stream via the website: www.wrir.org.

I also wanted to share this link to XL 102.1's Studio B, presented by RVA magazine: The Link.

They played two songs from the new album - "Down" was played on 11/9 and "Digital Lovers" was played just last Sunday on 11/30. Keep your ears peeled on Sunday nights between 9-10 pm to catch all your Richmond favorites and maybe some more Moossa!


On the Radio!

**EDIT** Live streaming is available on the WRIR website: www.wrir.org

Ok people, I know we usually listen to NPR around here, but for just a few moments, tomorrow (Sat 12/6) at 6 PM tune into WRIR 97.3 FM and check out Moose and Me! being interviewed about "Route 17"

*squee!* I haven't been on the radio since I popped into the studio when Tee Morris did his show at WXJM.

Also - if anyone listens to XL102, Studio B, we had a couple of songs played on there. Let me know (or comment on the myspace page for the band) if you hear us again!

and.....IT'S FRIDAY!
*happy dance*

Gray-V is also playing at Cary St. Cafe on Saturday night. $7. set starts at 9:37 sharp. Don't ask me why. I don't know.


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